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Jan 19, 2020
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Clever seeds

Sandu Knows! At ALCEDO you can find “CLEVER SEEDS!”

Rich and healthy harvests have been a responsibility for us, as well as constant care. We have always been concerned about farmers’ field needs. The genetic potential of seeds in the “CLEVER SEEDS” range, confirmed by production testing, combined with technology by the book, enables us to recommend them to farmers with all the confidence.

Whether they are classical seeds, known to farmers who are always concerned with the well-being of the crops, or seeds either newly entered, at the beginning of the road on the market, these seeds have confirmed in all parts of the country, offering the satisfaction of a good choice.

In the portfolio of “CLEVER SEEDS” we have wheat varieties with Romanian and foreign genetics, barley and triticale seeds, rapeseed hybrids, maize and sunflower, pea seeds and soybean.

Coming from companies with tradition on the market, the seeds chosen by us for the “CLEVER SEEDS” portfolio are highlighted by special physiological qualities (winter resistance, drought, falling and shaking tolerance, disease tolerance, etc.), quality indices (MMB, MH, protein content, gluten content, etc.) that eventually translated in good crops for our farmers.

We believe in this portfolio, which is one verified and confirmed in production conditions! The option for any of the seeds in the “CLEVER SEEDS” range is a wise choice!

Detailed information on the seeds can be found in the pages above but also on the ALCEDO APP.

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