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Apr 1, 2020
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Smart seeds

ALCEDO is the place to find SMART SEEDS!

Rich and healthy crops always represented to us a big responsibility and also a permanent concern.

We always been looking for our farmers needs. The genetic potential of the seeds from Smart portfolio, confirmed in production tests, together with a good technology, gives us the right to recommend them to our farmers with all the confidence.

Even if we talk about classic seeds, well known by the farmers that care about their activity, or if we talk about new launched seeds, that don’t have a strong name, our seeds had good results in all agricultural areas in Romania, offering the satisfaction of a good choice.

In the SMART SEEDS portfolio, we have varieties of wheat with genetics that are developed in Romania and also in other countries, barley and triticale seeds, oilseed rape hybrids, maize and sunflower, pea and soybean seeds.

Coming from companies with tradition in seeds market, the varieties and hybrids chosen for the SMART SEEDS portfolio, are highlighted by good physiological attributes (resistance in winter and drought, tolerance to falling and shaking, tolerance to diseases, etc.), high quality indexes (thousand-seed weight, hectolitric mass, protein content, gluten content, etc) which, at the end of the day leaded to increased yealds for our farmers.

We truly believe in our portfolio, being verified and confirmed in production conditions! We assure you that choosing one of the seeds from SMART SEEDS portfolio, is the right thing to do!

You can find detailed information about our seeds portfolio in ALCEDO mobile app.

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