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May 31, 2020
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Smart fertilizers


Even if we talk about basic fertilizers, starter micro granulated fertilizers or foliar fertilizers, ALCEDO is the place where you can find products suited for all plants nutritional needs, in the SMART FERTILIZERS portfolio.

For all SMART FARMERS we have the premium variety of basic fertilizers, such us:

UTEC 46 – urea-based products with an inhibitor that temporarily blocks the conversion of urea into ammonia, a process that effectively reduces nitrogen losses in the form of ammonia;

ENTEC – category recognized as having nitrogenous mineral fertilizers containing ammonium inhibitor with the effect of reducing bacterial activity in soil, “stabilizing” the nitrogen;

NITROPHOSKA – fertilizers that contain all the nutrients in a single granule, offering optimum nutrition for the plants, even in the critical growth phases. This way, a complete and high quality plant nutrition is ensured.

ALCEDO recommends STARTMAX EPE starter micro granulated fertilizer for crops like winter cereals, corn, sunflower, OSR, potatoes, vegetable, etc.

By applying starter fertilizers, nutritional limitations that could weaken the culture in the early stages of growth are excluded. Increased resistance to bad weather conditions is another advantage worth considering.

Foliar fertilizers from our SMART PORTFOLIO are grouped under 3 brands:




These products are developed by Romanian specialists with an experience of almost 20 years in the field of foliar fertilizers. They help in optimizing the plant growing and development, increasing resistance to stress factors, obtaining significant yield increases.

ALGAMAX FLUID and ALGAMAX COMPLEX NPK are 2 algae based foliar fertilizers with BIOSTIMULATOR effect.

You can find detailed information about our fertilizers portfolio in ALCEDO mobile app.