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Jul 10, 2020
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ALCEDO ROMANIA app means a lot of effort from us to deliver the first software available on mobile phone, of agricultural inputs and services distributor, an app that is completely developed in Romania.

Our team of specialists developed this project in order to respond to farmers demand and to keep up with the modern agriculture.

The app works both ON and OFF-LINE and contains our entire catalogue of products, with advanced searching options: by product name, producer, crop, product category.

Also, inside the app, you can find detailed information about the products form “SMART PORTFOLIO”.

By accessing the “STIRI” button, you will be permanently connected to local agricultural news. Also, you can access the “OFERTE” section, where you can find sales and promotions. You will be notified when a new promotion comes out or when another is about to expire and when we launch new information in the news section. That way, using the app you will always be up to the latest news and promotions.

Besides all that above, maybe the most important feature is that using the app, you have access to our specialists. When you have problems in the field, you can contact ALCEDO specialist directly from the app.

ALCEDO ROMANIA app is available both on Google Play and App Store, and can be downloaded also using the link below:

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