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Jul 6, 2020
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Established in 1990, ALCEDO has the largest distribution network of inputs for agriculture. ALCEDO has national coverage as well as a big portfolio of clients created in time. Basically, ALCEDO works for a third of Romanian farmers market, farmers which are doing and want performance from agriculture. ALCEDO represents for its customers the guarantee of quality and high yields.

ALCEDO portfolio

If at the beginning, ALCEDO distributed only plant protection products, in time, certified seeds, fertilizers, agricultural equipment and soil analysis had been introduced in our portfolio. ALCEDO stands out as a leader in the distribution of plant protection products and certified seeds. ALCEDO cooperates with the biggest suppliers of the world, having the most wide product range. The distribution activity is supported by the existence of eight warehouses, strategically placed for goods to be delivered in the shortest time to farmers, but it has a consistency “fleet” of trucks, too. Also, ALCEDO served a total of over 500 partner phitopharmacies including some ALCEDO’s property or franchise.
In order to support the farmers, ALCEDO got involved in the financing of their customers for the inputs purchase. Moreover, Alcedo provides after – sales services tacking over the crops of its farmers, having its own silos network.

Alcedo team

The history of a strong brand as ALCEDO was also written by the team. Over the years, a professional team, was built , which grew along with ALCEDO business. Alcedo’s team has some of the best specialists in the country. ALCEDO management is represented by people passionate about their work, eager for performance and aware that their success is built with courage and professionalism.
Most of them are part of the company since the beginning, and this proves their reliability and quality, but also ALCEDO’s respect to the employees. The sales team is made up by specialists who contribute with ambition and perseverance to the company’s success. It is a team of highly trained, able to grant agricultural consulting advices.

Quality standards of Alcedo activity are proved by ISO 9001: 2000 & 14001: 2004 certified.

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