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Jul 6, 2020
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Alcedo franchise

ALCEDO is the leader of plant protection products and seeds distribution market in Romania. Also, marketing studies made by specialized companies show than Alcedo brand is known by more than 80% of Romanian farmers.

Starting with 01.01.2009, Alcedo is offering franchise to those partners who wish to start a business in the agricultural inputs market. They can benefit from Alcedo’s experience and support in legislation, team training and promoting the products.

The requirements that need to be fulfilled by those who wish to open an Alcedo franchise are the following:

  • The person in charge of selling the plant protection products, require specialty studies and knowledge;
  • The enclosure in which the phytopharmacy will operate, require selling space, storage space, toilet and to have a pleasant and clean appearance;
  • The area in which the business will work, require a real potential for selling products.

The beneficiary of the ALCEDO franchise will have to respect all the conditions regarding the sale of the plant protection products imposed by us in order to benefit from the ALCEDO reputation.

Those interested are asked to send a letter of intent by fax 021.404.32.06 or by e-mail

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