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Jul 10, 2020
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About us


Founded since 1990, ALCEDO company has the biggest input distribution network for agriculture, in Romania. Alcedo has national coverage, but also a portfolio of customers earned in time. Practically, Alcedo works with a third of farmers from Romanian market, performant farmers who works at highest standards. For its customers, Alcedo means the guarantee of high yields and quality crops.

Alcedo’s portfolio

Although in the beginning Alcedo only distributed plant protection products, by the time, it’s portfolio has grown by adding certified seeds, fertilizers and services such as take over agricultural products, soil analysis and water analysis.

Alcedo is the leader in the market of plant protection products and seeds distribution and also, is present in top 3 distributors of fertilizers in Romania. Alcedo is collaborating with many suppliers from around the world, having the largest variety of products for agriculture.

Out of this large variety, the Smart Portfolio differentiates from the others. More specifically, the Smart Portfolio means a selection of products and services, capable of satisfying entirely the technological needs of the farmer.

Smart Products, means plant protection products, from which a part is formulated in Alchimex, Romania, in collaboration with our partners.

Smart Seeds, which are varieties and hybrids that “convinced us”. A part of this seeds is multiplied in Romania.

Smart Fertilizers, means a complete portfolio, with last generation basic fertilizers, starter fertilizers, foliar fertilizers and biostimulators.

Smart Services (meaning water and soil analysis, diagnosis) come to complete the coverage of farmer needs.

Also, because our future will be marked by the digital revolution, you can find all the details about Alcedo’s portfolio in the mobile app. Alcedo App is also the tool that gives you all the “Smart Advices”.

Logistic network

Our distribution activity is supported by the network of strategically placed warehouses and by our impressive fleet of cars making us able of delivering the goods to the farmer in shortest time possible. We are also delivering to partner shops, from which a part is Alcedo’s property or franchise.

In order to support the farmers, Alcedo is offering financing to the customers that purchase inputs. Furthermore, for taking over agricultural products, Alcedo owns silos across the country, offering post-selling services.

Alcedo’s team

The history of a strong brand, such as Alcedo, is written also by the team. Across the years, the company grew together with a team of professionals, that came to be among the best specialists of the country. The company’s management is represented by people passionate by their work, willing to perform, that are aware that success is built on professionalism and courage. Most of them work in Alcedo since the beginning, proving their quality and seriousness and also the respect that Alcedo employees are treated with. The selling team is made of dozens of specialists who contribute with ambition and perseverance to the success of the company. Our team is very well prepared, capable of offering agricultural consultancy. The quality standards of Alcedo activities are also proven by ISO certificates 9001:2000 and 14001:2004.


Alcedo Group:

Alcedo Group has 3 companies: Alcedo – the biggest distributor of plant protection products in Romania, Alchimex – the biggest local formulator of plant protection products and GEEA – advertising agency and publishing house.

About Sumitomo Corporation:

Since 2011, Sumitomo Corporation invested in Romania by taking over Alcedo shares. With a history of almost 100 years, Sumitomo Corporation is one of the biggest companies in Japan and also in the world. The company’s activity is covering multiple domains, such as: metal industry, transport and building systems, environment and infrastructure, media, lifestyle related to goods and services, mineral resources, energy, chemical and electronic products.

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